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Welcome to the How2uae website! Our experienced team is ready to assist anyone interested in establishing a business in the UAE. Whether you want to set up an offshore company or you’re looking for assistance with a commercial license, we can provide the know-how that you need.

How2uae are company incorporation specialists that provide you with a full range of document clearing and consulting services across company formation, business set-up and management, for new and existing businesses based in the UAE.

Covering all jurisdictions around the UAE. 

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Leverage the advantages of an offshore business in the UAE, and maximize your return on investment. Build a lean and efficient base of operations, and tap into the growing market of the Middle East. Find out how you can get established today, with the help of How2uae.


Enjoy complete ownership and control of your business in the UAE with freezone business setup. Backed by a wealth of industry experience, How2uae can help you navigate the unique regulatory measures of free zone authorities and set up your business as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


Onshore setup allows you to choose from a wide variety of business structuring options. Choosing to establish onshore opens a gateway of choices for you in terms of how you want your business to grow and develop. Partner with How2uae and discover how we can set you up for success.

We love to talk about our work. Check out our case studies and discover everything you need to know from process, timelines and requirements. Solving real world business challenges. 

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