Who We are
The How2UAE company incorporation experts provide all the document clearing and consulting services you need for successful business setup in UAE. The company has already supported hundreds of new and existing businesses in their aim to establish safe and legal entities.

How2UAE will help you find the right license to register your business onshore, offshore or through UAE Free Zone. The company covers industrial, commercial and professional trade licenses both for profit and non-profit organizations.

Why How2UAE
How2UAE ensures you will obtain all the resources needed to build your company, lay your groundwork, establish your name, find the right clients and hire your employees. We will introduce you to the legal background in UAE and update you about any changes in the jurisdiction.

Business setup in Dubai on your own will most likely result in confusion and unresolved issues. How2UAE will help you lead an effective feasibility study to determine the credibility of your ideas. The company experts will also assist you in conducting a thorough market research and crafting a winning business plan. Moreover, How2UAE will offer additional assistance in terms of corporate branding.

How2uae provides you with the resources to build your business, lay your groundwork, incorporate your business, establish your image & find your clients.

Finding the right license with the right business activity that covers you can be most challenging here in the UAE. With so many jurisdictions and types of licenses – how do you know which option is best suited for you? Here at How2uae, we provide you with all of the possible options to suit your requirements and budget. Our company formation experts provide a full range of consulting services across company formation, business set-up, management and business development for businesses based in the UAE.

Our services include: all types of business set-up and legal structuring of your incorporation. We cover all forms of trade licenses in the UAE – industrial, commercial, professional including the set-up of non-profit organizations. Whether you are looking at registering your company onshore through the Economic Department, through a UAE Free Zone or through an offshore jurisdiction – we can help you find the right solution for your requirements.

We know that setting up your company just not end at the incorporation of your entity. We are further extending our services to provide you with a range of strategic PRO Services across the Chamber of Commerce, Immigration, the Municipalities and the Labour Departments.

Whether you are looking at bringing on your first employee or you're looking at restructuring, we'll help you understand the legal requirements of hiring staff so you don't hit any rough waters down the line. We understand how important it is for you as an employer and for your new employee having the security of working in a legal environment, so we have made sure to take care of all immigration logistics on your behalf. With the constant updates in laws and regulations you will be sure to have a solid contact that will be able to update you of any changes that happen.


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  • Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Plans
  • Concierge Services
  • Company Incorporations
  • Free Zone / DED / LLC / Offshore
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Trade License Guide

Trade License Guide

The legal framework for incorporations within the UAE offers several different forms of On-Shore corporate entities to be established. Each may then be suitably licensed to conduct trade within the Emirate for which they are incorporated.


Competitive Advantage and Economic Overview

Dubai's formula for development was becoming evident to everyone – visionary leadership, high-quality infrastructure, an expatriate-friendly environment, zero tax on personal and corporate income and low import duties. As a result, Dubai quickly became a business and tourism hub for a region that stretches from Egypt to the Indian sub-continent and from South Africa to the CIS countries.